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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sale Weekend

This is our 3rd annual Pottery Sale over Mother's Day and despite all our good intentions, we're still up at midnight tidying and getting ready. Looking around the room now, I think we'll be up pretty early to finish what we started. It's become our tradition to make a nice spread of food for our visiting guests and customers and while we intentionally scaled back this year, we still have a pretty nice offering.

On the menu for the weekend is, homemade orange cake, baklava, iced chocolate almond coffee, regular coffee, hot and black and as the day progresses we'll fire up the grill and offer up two versions of grilled chicken, one in a garlic-ginger Teriyaki marinade, the other a sweet and spicy dry rub BBQ. There will be homemade potato salad to go with it as well as some lemonade :)

Here are a few shots of our pottery offerings as well as some of the food yumminess.

Also included here are the tankards I finished up tonight and the berry bowls with drain plates. I made the bowls a few days ago and the plates yesterday.. they're still not ready to trim.

Tomorrow night after we close down I need to get onto some mugs I need for next week.

Whew. I still need an assistant.

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