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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My work isn't worth it

I got angry at a visitor to our sale yesterday.

She came in, immediately said "this is really pricey" then and asked a few questions about the work, said I had obviously gone to school, then said "$50 for that pitcher? It's not worth that much! Is there any wiggle room in the price?"

When I responded "no" she again said "it's not worth that much" then added "I'm a collector, I know"

I responded with "This is what I get for my pitchers, they're handmade, I make the glazes"

"Oh, I know that... it's obvious, it's just not worth $50"

I respond with "I'm not lowering the price because I know someone will pay full price, if not today then soon. "

I found her to be condescending and rude. And I didn't want her to have my pitcher anyway.

Was I wrong?


  1. i don't think you're wrong at all. sounds like she's a bit of a (insert appropiate word here). your work obviously sells well and and i think it's gorgeous, esp those glazes. there's just no pleasing some people, if you'd given her a discount she likely would have complained about something else. i think she's a collector of potters work who caved in to her intimidation.

  2. I think she must collect her pottery from Ross department store!