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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pile up

The work is piling up! I'm having some pretty good days selling on Etsy, which means I am facing some product availability issues :) Wednesday was a great day. 6 packages mailed out and 2 more for the morning (so far) I'm making more, but the weather is slowing us down a bit. The 68 mugs I threw 2 days ago are still too wet to trim, but I am worried about them drying out too much if I leave them totally uncovered for a long time. I'm working through them a few at a time and leaving them uncovered while I can keep an eye on them. So far..8 trimmed and handled and I managed to do the sugar jars with the help of a fan..

In the meantime I started on some butter keepers and some cereal bowls and soup mugs.I'm pretty sure everything I need to trim and handle will be ready precisely when I will not be available to take care of them tomorrow afternoon when Ro and I are teaching the homeschool association kids.

I'm planning on starting the trimming in the morning and probably finishing the handling sometime late in the evening :)

Next on the list are a dozen plates, then more things with handles. Tankards and more mugs, then more mugs and more mugs and more mugs.

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