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Friday, May 14, 2010


Friday, the end of the work week. Or not.

Today was a very nicely focused day of throwing. I started out by finishing the mugs and handles from the day before. Ro cleaned the greenware and loaded a kiln and a half. The other one isn't quite full yet. When I started throwing I started with some shallow trays someone who stopped by the house was interested in having me make, the I made a bunch of plates to receive Oak Leaves and Acorns, AND a couple of plates for War of the Roses.
I started on some more bowls to make into soup mugs, but then got hungry, came upstairs..ate a little and fell asleep, the woke up and fell asleep again..then I woke up and ate some more and gave up for the night. The bowls will wait until tomorrow.

Today's entertainment was again a Ken Burns Documentary, I went through the Civil War a couple days ago and today I watched part of his National Parks documentary. Interesting story and some beautiful imagery. I am so glad for streaming Netflix.

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