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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winding Down

The last two kilns before our Beltane weekend are cooling. We opened it up a little while ago, the top layer looks amazing, but I'm going to wait to get deeper in.

We'll be heading to Virginia for a festival on Thursday night through Sunday. I've already started the packing process. The tent and our sleeping bags and air mattress is already loaded. I've got to pack the displays, pots, clothes and some food and we're pretty much ready to roll. I'm looking forward to the break from daily life and production, as well a chance to see old friends.

When we return there will be some more firing to do to get ready for our home studio sale over Mother's Day weekend and a lot of cleaning and yard work before the guests arrive. Winter was hard on our lawn and we've had no time to pay attention. I've contracted Morgan and some of his friends to get busy on it while we're gone, but who knows what they'll actually do without supervision. *sigh* we need a lawn tractor in the worst way.

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