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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to love

Ahhh a little down time and a few hours of Buffy and I feel a whole lot better. I enjoyed my time in the studio this evening I got the butter keepers thrown and a whole board full of round mugs. I also trimmed up a couple big bowls. A lovely day.

I really wanted to make some goblets today too, but sometime in the middle of the afternoon I got an amazing case of the snoozies and half napped half watched Buffy and that cut into my studio time. Such a slacker. Tomorrow, I'll get it together and throw before I trim. I have a lot on my list to be completed by the weekend. In addition to what I have already thrown, I want to make:

15 Goblets
40 Round mugs
10 XL Round mugs
20 Travel mugs
20 Tankards
10 Rice bowls
20 Tumblers
2 Special Order Pirate Tankards
6 Special Order Plates

The throwing load isn't's all the handles that slow things down.

I always get bogged down in the handles, sometimes the amount I had to do took so long they mugs would dry out before I could add the handles. To solve this problem I started staggering them in production. I may throw all the parts at once, but then I cover the pots with plastic so they dry slower so I can do maybe 20 handles at a time then take a break and do something else.

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