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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've worked today, but it hasn't been the easiest thing to do. All I want to do today is lay around, but that doesn't get us where we need to be. So as a compromise I decided I would do the little chores that have to be done by someone sometime.

I started out with cleaning the greenware. This involves a green kitchen scrubby..I think Scotchbright brand..or is it Scotchbrite. Who knows. I taker the scrubby and carefully sand down the areas I was sloppy about earlier in the process. Rims, handle attachments, the left side of the handle..I don't know why, it's a weak spot...then I take a mix of iron oxide and wax resist to sign the pots. I know it doesn't make much sense on greenware, but often I don't get to the signing until it's already been bisc fired. Then it's really cool.
Then I carefully rearrange them on the shelf to taker up as little room as possible so I can make more and have room to put them.

but I don't want to throw..the studio just doesn't feel right. I need to clean my wheel, bag up the reclaim so I can have a nice fresh place to work. So I do's messy work, but it feels better to have done it, Now there's nothing left but the wedging. I don't like the wedging.But I start. And then stop when I find I still have a 2lb ball left in the bucket from the soup mugs and cereal bowls. I quickly throw a large cup. and set it in front of the fan in the kiln area. Then I got to work wedging for real.

75 lbs of stoneware later I have 2 buckets of 1lb 8oz balls of clay for round mugs. Some of these will be for me, some will be for a local coffee shop.

I pause to trim and handle the cup I set in front of the fan.

but I know I need to make a lot more than what I have instead of quitting there I grabbed another 50lbs and started on the 1lb 4oz balls of clay from which I can make butter keepers or goblets, or both if I am not feeling focused.

Then I found I had a half block of clay and decided to make a couple big bowls, because I love big bowls. So I threw a couple big bowls and now I am having another break.

I'm not sure if I really have it in me to throw today. At least not the stuff I need to throw. We'll see.

I might actually decide to wedge more, because once I start throwing all this dread of throwing will disappear and I won't want to wedge again..I'll have a dread of wedging instead..

The fun part of the day is when I get to unload the glaze kiln. I've included a sneak peak shot from when it was at about 500 degrees. I should wait until it is below 250 to really open it up, but it is so hard to wait.

And tomorrow..I have no choice but to jump into the production. The show is going on whether I am prepared for it or not, so I had best be prepared :)

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  1. wedging is the worst! i've got a couple buckets of reclaim i need to take care of but keep putting off... that mug is great, love the texture on the bottom.