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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another fine and muddy day

A pretty good day in the studio. I got my goblets thrown and another board full of the round mugs. I was a little worried about the mugs from last night because the rims were already bone dry but I got them wet and covered them in plastic first thing this morning and they seem absolutely fine. Just a few minutes ago I resigned myself to having to take care of them tonight before bed, but they seem to be in much better shape than they were this morning so I simply moved them all onto a plastic covered board upside down and then covered them with more plastic. I'll get them in the morning and thankfully I'll be able to get to bed really soon. I'm tired!

Ro came down and loaded a bisc kiln for me too, so that is in the works to fire off tomorrow night sometime.

I'm still waiting on the part for the other kiln, but it should be here Wednesday at the latest, then we can fire them both up and get things really cranking around here.

So tomorrow I am planning on trimming mugs, assembling goblets then throwing more pots. Most likely tankards and xl round mugs..possibly some rice bowls too since they are all made from the same weight of clay.

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  1. i like the goblet stems alot, they're thinner and more graceful at the top than many others i've seen. i've never been that big on goblets because i always think they look clunky so i've never made them but you've given me some ideas now so i may have to give it a go1 :) yet one more thing to put on my to-do list lol...