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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goblet Making Tutorial

Making Goblets:

I make my goblets in two sections.

The stem and the bowl are thrown separately from the same weight of clay and allowed to dry until both sections are a uniformly leather hThe bowl is centered on the wheel. I use a little water on the rim and press down to create suction to hold it steady to trim.

I trim a shallow opening just large enough to fit the stem.

Then vigorously score each piece with a serrated rib.

The scored stem is dipped in water(to create slip) then attached to the scored bowl while it is still centered.

The stem is then re-centered (light tapping) and the joint and foot are trimmed

Common problems encountered while using this method include the stem popping up, the stem tearing off or pushing the stem through the bowl.To solve or avoid these problems make sure you are carefully following these instructions.

It's really important to wait until the clay is truly leather hard to do the trimming. Too wet and you have no stability and the trimming tool tends to catch and pull the stem causing it to torque and break or come off entirely.Too dry and the join is weak and will tend to crack.

I also have a video of this process and it can be seen >here<


  1. very cool, thanks for posting this! i'm giving it a go this weekend. will let you know how it goes :)

  2. i did it, i made some goblets! have to work the kinks out, but i think for my 1st effort they're pretty good. i've gotten some nice complements on them which is nice. if you want to take a look they're on my blog, just wanted to say thanks for the tips :)