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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pottery Sale Nov 13 and 14

 There's a lot of preparation that goes into one of our home pottery sales. Rowan always cooks up a storm. We always try to do a major housecleaning (sometimes we succeed) and then there's the big rush of production, the setting up of the tent, arranging the pots, the hundreds of trips up and down the stairs to bring out the new work, cleaning the old work, the facebook and other online marketing, the postcards and of course placing the signs out by the road to let people know we're going to be open.

This year we had a lot of extra challenges. We had cleared out a 12x15 storage unit, sorted the attic, brought home all kinds of things including Rowan's glass studio from The Oasis. Our patio and living room has been stuffed full of miscellaneous stuff and half sorted boxes since September. Ro sorted through all of it, mostly by herself while I spent my time making pottery for the PA Renaissance Faire, Etsy and this home studio sale.

Today Morgan and Troy came and carried the last of the heavy items to the attic and basement, then they set up the sale tent. When we went for the signs we found they were in great disrepair. Paint had peeled. Flat balloons had adhered to the face of one of them, the bases had absorbed water and had bloated. Ro came to the rescue again and put them back into good working order. A fresh coat of paint did wonders.

There is more glazing to do and still some housecleaning, but it seems like our home is a home again and we are just about ready for guests. Ro has already made pumpkin seed brittle and is in the kitchen baking a cake right now.

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