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Monday, November 8, 2010

Clearing the shelves

 Today's work seemed to take forever. This morning I packed up a bunch of Etsy Orders and sent them out, had a lovely visit with Baby Ella and Laura and Gretchen at Webster's on Aaron.

When I finally made it home I got to work.I trimmed the medium jars, lids and added the handles, then trimmed and handled the soup mugs. It doesn't take up much room in the paragraph, but there were 8 jars and 24 soup mugs. By the end I was beat. Then Ro, bless her dedicated heart came down and added Oak Leaves and Acorns to some of them!

As a last act of dedication to my craft and production I took the last three 5lb balls I had wedged up and threw the first of the large jars I wanted to do. Tomorrow I'll face the wedging for the rest and the plates. Then there will be glazing too. I anticipate being very tired tomorrow night.

The very last picture is a prototype of a Greenman Mortar and Pestle I'm working on. I still need to make the pestle, but it will be easy.


  1. You do such nice handles. Someday could you do a short video on how you pull those? I did my first today, and it was not a pretty sight!
    I plan on seeing what you have left on etsy after the first of the year (can't afford it till then). I use your mug at my desk every day at school, and the students want to know if we are going to use glazes like that! It gets a workout every day. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! There could be a handle video..but not till things calm down around here! whew!