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Monday, September 13, 2010

PPD, Tallships and Craft

This was another weekend filled to overflowing, however this time it wasn't all work.

Friday Ro and I were scrambling to pack for the event this weekend, Pagan Pride Day in Erie PA. I was finishing up goblets in the studio, she was packing the pottery and the truck and we scrambled to get out of town by 6. Success!

The kids took care of Pepper and the herd of cats for us so besides worrying that they wouldn't we were worry free.

When we arrived in Erie our beloved hostess had wine, cheese, pita and hummus waiting for us. Delightful. And we passed out happy and tipsy and awoke early the next morning to set up the pottery. The sales day was better than we expected and we got to see a lot of our Erie friends. ALL of the Oak leaf and Acorn mugs sold, which was amazing for such a small event.

Ro was a social butterfly..rarely staying in one place too long and we both took a little time out of the afternoon to get 1/2 hour massages. After packing down we went to El Canelo for dinner and headed back to our hosts for more wine and chatting. The next day we all went down to the Bay to tour the tallships.

The tall ships were magnificent. Beauty, grace, craftsmanship and above all functional. Extremely functional. There isn't a lot of space on a ship and every inch counts. My initial reaction was all about rope. It takes a lot of damn rope to operate a tallship.

The Niagara's home port is in Erie and it is a gorgeous ship. Apparently the tallest, largest or one of the tallest historically correct ships sailing under the US flag. We toured her first, the went on to the Bounty, built for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty, then used for Pirates of the Caribbean and Yellowbeard. It was considerably more spacious than the original Bounty because it was built for a movie, but it was gorgeous too.

Rowan is currently obsessed with the idea of becoming crew for a couple tours. It costs 1350 for the training and food for a two week tour and if you stay for another two weeks you only pay for food. Looks like a great experience. I bet Morgan would love it, except for the lack of privacy and the lack of showers..7-10 days between ports. Your only options are soap and swim or a bucket bath on deck.

Sunday evening was a Craft Swap meeting we had committed to months ago and the host had actually moved to this weekend because we were going to be in town. It was fun even though I felt a little rushed to get out of town so we could drive the 4 hours home.

Overall a pleasant and relaxing weekend, now it's time to get back to it and make more!

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