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Monday, September 13, 2010

No Flow

Today was a no flow day. Some of you know I had some septic system problems a few weeks ago and I am dealing with scheduling an upcoming township inspection. This posting has nothing to do with that, it's all fine.

This had to do with me simply trying to work in the studio today. I pounded out some reclaim, cleaned my workspace, had clay ready and yet I just didn't feel it. I needed a nap, and had one..I needed dinner and had it..somewhere in the few minutes I actually worked on throwing I produce parts for 10 goblets, 3 sugar jars, a butter keeper, 2 pitchers and a small cup. Not a horrible day, but there are days when a small workload like this is no problem. Today it seemed like the worst, most horrible thing I had to do, but it's done and tomorrow is a fresh day.

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