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Friday, May 21, 2010

Done with this round...

Today's Pictures..40 mugs I just trimmed and put handles on. Then 5 slightly larger mugs thrown for a special order, 10 XL round mugs thrown and 3 XL travel mugs thrown.

The last month has been a whirlwind of a lot of forces acting on us here at Hughes Pottery. Everything from running out of glaze materials to our kids upcoming graduation from High School to the most recent problem, Rowan's Blazer died, leaving me mostly stranded this weekend while she teaches a workshop in Erie..Bad news is it's likely to be a $600 repair, but heck..what's that to a guy who makes a living from $25 mugs.

On the pottery front, luckily I have a lot of orders to fill and I'm just now finishing everything I have going now. An order of mugs for a new Cafe that will be opening this summer and I anticipate starting on a round of mugs for Webster's soon.

Next weekend is War of the Roses in New York State. We'll be heading there on Friday. I expect this week will be mostly glazing and starting some new projects and starting to try to get ahead on production for the summer shows.

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