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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 hours later..I'm fine!

This is one of those intense weeks where I have gotten myself into a pickle with production. I have been so proud to be ahead most of the year, but I have slipped a little. I am going to blame this on taking on an extra show I wasn't prepared for and trying to sneak in an extra production run of mugs. Now I am down to the wire to leave for a show this Friday, I have another glaze kiln or two to load and I spent the last 24 hours sick and Ro is going to spend the next 24 hours sick. She's feeling it come on now..went to bed early so she could sleep blissfully through the worst of it. After this stuff comes out production should normalize again. A few weeks of regular throwing and everything will be fine, on track and maybe even ahead again.

Here's what is on my upcoming throwing agenda

100 mug special order
12 mug special order
a multitude of goblets and butter keepers. How many? I am not really sure.A lot. at least 20 of each, maybe 40.
I need 50 mugs and 50 tankards for our own stock.
We also need wee bowls.
The list goes on. I am confident I could throw 2X as many mugs as I do and I would still would run out,

I'm excited to have a regular shows starting again, there were a few weeks there without any. Thankfully online sales carried us through. This weekend we will be at War of the Roses, my stock will be at a show in MA. and next weekend the KY Fair starts again.

note to self: 3 weekends of no extra sales hurts DO NOT DO IT AGAIN.

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  1. OMG i'm not sure i could throw that much in a month much less a week!!