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Friday, February 12, 2010

Morgan's work, my work, sleep.

Interesting day today. I didn't get much sleep last night because I was worried about Morgan. He didn't call and he didn't come home and despite text messages and phone calls he never got in touch. I figured he had passed out at his girlfriends house and I'd see him in the afternoon.So I finally gave up worrying at 2AM and went to bed. At 6AM sharp my phone rings, wakes me out of deep deep slumber and it's Morgan. He's babbling about a sculpture in front of the school and would we take pictures. I moan, groan, whine and complain about his lack of communication, but he seemed so excited we got up and went out. We got there about 7 to find this giant punk head with an eye patch and ear and eyebrow piercings. Apparently there is a secret chamber behind the eye patch where you can crawl inside and watch people and their reaction to it, or just hang out. Despite the inappropriate way he stayed out all night to do this, it is pretty damn cool, everyone at the school seems to like it, it was even given a mention in the schools morning announcements. At that point it was still unknown who had done it so all they said was "to whoever made the giant sculpture outside the school, Thanks!" or something like that..I wasn't there, it's just rumor.

So when I got home I got to work, packing more Etsy orders, then trimming and adding handles to the mugs, then working on a special order for more Oak leaf and Acorn pieces. I just finished up a few minutes ago. Time for bed, we have a summer youth fair expo to present at in the morning.

BTW the picture of Morgan's sculpture was taken by Ro. Mine all came out so dark I had to steal hers..and hers are better anyway.

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