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Monday, February 15, 2010

Harsh but exciting day

My son came home from school today VERY upset. The administration at the school knocked down his sculpture.

He didn't know about it until after it was all over and he was staring at snow rubble. A student told him the janitors had knocked it down and said they were looking for the person who made it because they were going to charge him with trespassing and vandalism.

He was angry and heartbroken when he came home today. We talked it out and I got on Facebook and posted inquiries. Some friends who are teachers contacted the administration who said they had to take it down because they were worried about it collapsing and hurting someone if they were in the secret compartment behind the eye patch.Apparently the part about charges were just rumor. I hope, I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Two Facebook groups have formed, one by a teacher Glortok the glorious Pirate and and one by a student They Killed the Pirate along with my hopes and dreams. The one started by a student has a great description that was very touching. I hope these groups go FB viral and a lot of people get to see the sculpture.

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