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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Very productive weekend

As usual the weekend didn't turn out like I planned. It turned out better. A lot of really cool things happened this weekend. It was a good weekend for counting blessings because they were obvious. I guess you get the point. Right now I am tired but satisfied.

Friday I got a call from Simon Leach, a potter I started speaking to because the real estate agent who sold me my house agent wanted to know if I wanted to sell him my house. I didn't, but I was intrigued because Simon has a famous last name in the world of pottery and when I looked him up, I found he was who I thought he was. So I contacted him to see if he was really moving to this area. He had thought about it, but decided on NY instead, but apparently there are relatives in the area, so he's likely to visit.So in anycase Simon was coming to town and had a few hours to spare, so he called to see if I wanted a visitor and offered to help out with whatever I was working on. So of course I said yes and when I told Rowan he was coming my plans to work in the studio were offset by some cleaning and tidying. Eventually on Saturday he made it here, had some tea, we looked at my Raku kiln since he is in the process of building one for himself, then we got to the studio and he wanted to get to work so I wedged up some clay for tankards and we got to work. In addition to the regular work he showed us a fun double bowl which we'll make a few of to see if our beloved customers like them. All in all it was fun, though I'm never sure how I came off because overall I am shy and uncomfortable with strangers.

After our guest left Ro baked up some amazing cinnamon bread which I have pictures of on Facebook. It was good bread and it apparently looked good because it generated an unbelievable number of comments spread out over 3 different posts. Then after our bread-feast and before sleep Ro and I had an amazing talk that gave a lot of clarity to us about our life together. I am so in love.

This morning I got to work throwing more tankards and round mugs, while I was doing that Ro came down and wedged for me. A little later in the day I had both Morgan and Ro down wedging and they got an amazing amount done for me..all those buckets in the picture are full of future mugs, tankards and rice bowls. At some point I stopped throwing and started trimming, handling and adding pirate medallions to the ones from the night before and then Ro came back and unloaded the biscware. To top off the night Ro made pizza dough and Morgan tossed us a couple of pizzas. I think they were the best we've had yet!

Now my work is cut out for me for the next couple days, throw, trim handle, rinse, repeat.


  1. That's pretty cool that you got a visit from Simon. That would have made my weekend too.

  2. It was pretty cool, He's a pretty easy going guy and a natural teacher.