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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night

And can you guess what we're doing?

Getting ready to go back downstairs to the studio and get a little more done. There's a little more room left in the kiln :)

It was a pretty good day overall, the glaze kiln turned out beautifully, I had 2 orders of plates in the kiln one of which was picked up almost immediately. (Thanks Aviva, glad you love them so much!) The other will go out soon.

I trimmed up all the wee bowls and oil candles today, but I still have wick holders to do and I have some porcelain wedged up to do more soup/cereal bowls. Then I need to get back to mug making. I can just never make enough mugs. I need to do another 20 tankards and another 20 round mugs.This weekend, then some rice bowls and pitchers before doing even more mugs next week. At least that's the plan. I think Ro is going to make even more wee bowls... she's a wild woman!

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