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Monday, December 14, 2009

The end of the sale, the start of production

Whenever a big event finishes we start preparing for another one. This time I am preparing for the whole first quarter of the year. I will send as much work to Florida with Elliot as I possibly can. When she first starts out she will be overstocked. Some of the work might even be back stocked in her bus because we just won't have space for it all to be out in the booth. As the season goes on, more and more will come out of back stock until it becomes essential to restock her, probably sometime around the beginning of May. At the same time I am producing for her, I will be producing for myself -the shows I will do locally, galleries and the etsy site. This makes for a huge amount of work.

I feel lucky that I have a decent amount of stock leftover from the Holiday sale. It makes a good start for the Florida stock. So over the next few weeks my priorities will be my best sellers. A variety of mugs small round, regular round, travel, tankard and a few "XL" versions of the round mugs and tankards. I will also have to do a few larger bowls, goblets, and some pitchers, cereal bowls and soup mugs. BUT the priority will be on producing as many mugs as I possibly can. They are my number one seller and I never want to run short.
I started my production run with something non-essential because sometimes you just need to make bowls.

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