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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A moment of reflection

Last year at this time we were returning from our Honeymoon in Ireland. What a beautiful peaceful time that was. It took me nearly 4 days to slip into vacation mode and I think I managed to hold on to it for about a month after we returned. I swore upon returning that I would find a way to be able to do it again, if not Ireland, then a least a real non-working vacation. So far this year I have not been able to do it. Life throws so many little complications at us.

I am finding it difficult to believe it is July. This year seems to have been a constant struggle. Not a lot of down time and I think I need some..though my failed responsibilities are pressing down on me pretty hard right now. I have a few unpaid bills, not too many, but they are weighty. I have been working hard to bring stock up for the next couple weeks worth of shows, including Pennsic, which is the biggest event we do all year. I've been looking forward to it as something of a lifesaver. If it performs even half as well as last year we'll be all caught up and perhaps a little ahead. If it performs as well as last year we'll really get ahead.

So here is what things look like for us. This week has been a lot of throwing and trimming and adding handles. I did 80 wee bowls, 30 tasting cups, 10 goblets, 20 XL tankards with handles big enough that even the most giant of men should be able to get their whole hands into. 8 ginormous soup mugs, they'll hold about 25oz. I did 7 flasks/Costrels which need to be finished today. I need to mix 2 glazes and glaze a load of work for Sunday so I can ship some of it out on Monday before we leave for Brushwood. I also need to do a bisc kiln before I leave so the work I made this week will be ready to glaze when I get back next week. I should also throw about 100 mugs over the next two days so I can bisc them before I leave and glaze when I get back.

Now while I am doing this, Rowan has been in The Creative Oasis every day keeping it organized and staffed. She's been trying to fill in the gaps in the schedule we will have when we go to these events. There are a few big holes we just haven't figured out how to fill.

On top of all this preparation, It's Arts Festival week so we have upwards of 200,000 visitors coming to town. I'm going to try to take advantage of this by opening our sale tent this weekend, see if I can make a few more sales before I pack it all up and drive away on Sunday.

Then kids are all working extra shifts this week, so they are scarce, but fortunately they'll all have great paychecks.

At some point there will be a vacation.


Oh Ireland I miss you!

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