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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Follow up

What a day and night. We just finished loading two kilns and I threw 40 mugs this evening after spending the day finishing the flasks, assembling the goblets and wedging 100lbs of clay for mugs and mixing a glaze..

I am grateful for Rowan. After putting in a really hard day at the Oasis, she came home and rallied me to finish what I had to do and worked side by side with me until we were done.

We had a canine visitor today..this lovely little lady wandered into the yard, all mellow and good natured. We have NO idea where she came from, so rather than let her wander out onto the streets and get hit, we called the local police and they delivered her to a local vet who will look after her until the owner comes looking. She was very sweet..and I think quite elderly..gray from her head to her feet.

And speaking of animals, this is Tuna Fish the Cat, waiting at the line..the border to the studio. She knows she isn't allowed in, so she waits right at the door when she thinks we are looking and wanders in when she thinks we aren't. Smart Cat.

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