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Monday, May 18, 2009

Working it

Post sale stress disorders. I would rather be sleeping.

When an event like our homestudio sale goes really well we often feel elated at first...but then we realize that it's not a done deal. There's always more work to be done and rarely enough cash flow. I felt pretty good about weekend 2. Unplanned but we still did well enough to pay the bill I needed to pay. YAY! but then I realized there are 2 more bills I forgot about. Dammit! So...I am going to scramble to complete a couple of orders this week and restock the gallery in Berkeley Springs by early next week and see what I can do to raise the cash. *sigh* I'm moving an awful lot of pottery but rarely is it in sync with the bill schedule.

So on my agenda for today are 10 goblets, 20 small round mugs, 20 large round mugs, 20 cereal bowls and 5 plates.

In addition I want to inventory the pottery I still have and pack it to send to Jessa tomorrow for an event next weekend.

I also wanted to get the Etsy shop reactivated, that is done, but now we have to add a few new items. Maybe this evening. Wish me luck!

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