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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sale Day II

Today was a much better day for sales than yesterday was. The weather was a crisp 61 and breezy..did I say breezy? I meant gusty.

Notice in the picture how the shelves are not on the table? We were forced to quickly rearrange when the gusts blew the table covers hard enough to dump the HUGE vase (not pictured) and the row of pitchers on the top of one of these shelves as well as a goblet from another shelf and the mugs and soup mugs below the suicidal pieces. Yeah. It was a loud disaster. I was so very sad.I said all the curse words I know repeatedly, then said them again because I didn't feel better yet.

Despite the loss of about 10 pieces, we had customers and I had a great day meeting new people and contemplating the next round of work.

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