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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good Morning

Ahh, there's nothing quite like the luxury of a Saturday morning without a plan, I've got stuff to do today, just nothing I have to deal with until later.

Yesterday Ro and I drove to WV to deliver more pottery to a gallery. We're trying to keep our income sources diverse, so the burden of our budget Last night I finished the last of the Webster's order. Well almost. I still have 10 small mugs to do, but that's part of the things to do later.

We got some bad news on Rowan's Blazer yesterday.probably both front wheels need new bearing packs ($250+labor each) and the 4WD is screwed. they were talking about a new transfer case($650+labor.) I think in a couple weeks we'll be able to take care of the wheel bearings, but the transfer case will likely wait till fall.

Morgan is doing well with his driving, he took the Silverado out last night to go to a friends house. The freedom for him is good, and so far he's willing to run errands in exchange for driving. Already this week he's solved a transportation problem where Ro and I were busy, but Cath had to be somewhere.

So.. later. Later I need to make some serious pottery. 10 nmore Webster's pieces. Then some more mugs for us and then a load of plates for a lot of reasons.

So for now I will relax and face the hard work later...

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