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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Update

I don't seem to have much time to focus my thoughts lately and write a coherent blog, so here's a little visual update.

A few pictures of the latest batch of Webster's mugs drying. These are the ones that didn't fit into this kiln..the kiln is full of them.

Pictures from the SCA event last weekend, which was nice, but ultimately not paid for a few extras, but I am not sure if it was worth the drive and day away from home.

I had a bonus massage and acupuncture session for relaxation and I have to say it helped. I was able to shake off the pain of mug production and face it fresh after my return home.

We're still producing hard and doing extra work trying to get The Creative Oasis stable and functional. Ro's done an amazing job.

All for now!

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