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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Travel, Appliances, Gifts and Pottery

Travel. Tomorrow Ro, Cath and I leave for NJ. On Christmas, Morgan leaves for WI.

*sigh* I was so hoping he'd be here this year.

So we did our little gift exchange tonight.. After a lovely meal of Ice Cream at DQ, we came home and opened our little prezzies. Not a terribly big pile of gifts this year.

With two new appliances in our lives, the gifts were not so big this year. As Ro said..."kids, this year for Christmas you're getting hot food and cold food" But in addition we filled their stockings with necessities..razors, toothbrushes, deodorant, a little cash in hand and a promise for something bigger later.

I gave Ro some lovely amber earrings and she gave me a really cool teabowl, powdered green tea, a bamboo wisk and a tea scoop. The best part was she found it all at Wegmans..and for you potters on the list..let me tell you..this is not industrial. it is obviously hand trimmmed, glazed, has a wibbley wobbley rim a rough trimmed foot and a thoroughly interresting and engaging glaze. Wegmans..who could guess?It's an amazing and awesome present!

And the last bit is..I have about 300+ pieces to glaze next week... So Tired

we also have a kiln cooling now.. I took a quick picture..I can see my experimental ask glaze has stuck at least one piece to the shelves...grind grind grind.

And I just noticed..Ro's Bday present is visible too! YAY appliances!

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