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Monday, December 23, 2013

NOW!!! I want it now!!!!

I'm so excited.

I feel like a little kid waiting to open a present.

The last post was the grand announcement we had found a new house where we could have a studio in the garage. This post is about the anticipation of being ready to move into that new home..and that new studio.

I'll illustrate this with pictures.
This is what we are starting with.
Here is the interior, pre-purchase This is the back center of the garage

This was the basic plan, we ditched the right garage door and added more windows.It's only been a few weeks, but amazing things have happened already!

Here are the new windows where the door used to be.  

Here is the pocket door in the back right leading into the kiln room

Here are the new windows again, this time with drywall being installed over insulation, it's almost ready for us!

I'm all excited to move into this space. Seeing this transformation of the interior has been incredibly thrilling. I am so excited to see the sunlight streaming through windows as I look out into our backyard and the landscape, maybe a garden..maybe a bird feeder. This is such an amazing change for us. Rowan and I are so grateful to my sister and cousin for making this happen. It's a life changer. I anticipate next year will be an amazing year of focused growth for us. The town seems ready to welcome us and we're ready to be there!


  1. This looks like a wonderful, creative space! Good luck.

  2. How exciting to get a new fresh start. Best wishes!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product! Thank you for keeping us posted on the project, and an even bigger THANK YOU for helping me out with my project! I truly appreciate it!!