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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adventures in Sparky Kiln land

It's never a good time to lose a kiln.

Here we are, pressed for time and money, Orders we took at BMAC are almost ready for shipment. We have a show in another state starting next Thursday. 


So what happens?

Kiln Fail.

Burned out wire..something wasn't tight enough.
Replace it.

Replace the suspect relays:

It doesn't work! They're old ones we didn't throw away. With no visible signs of damage it's hard to tell if its good or bad.
OH NO. Now what.

 We don't have an L&L, but the principals are the same. So we applied the information.


Found the bad relay and since it's a weekend

Cannibalized other kiln:


Order a new not from a kiln supplier

From Newark Under $10, not nearly $30

yep.. awesome.

All Kiln repairs starring Rowan Rose!  Who despite not knowing a thing about electricity, does a great job and in fact at this point is making her own intuitive leaps to diagnose and repair the problems.

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