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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A good start

Today was my first real day of work this year. Not that I haven't been working, but I went into the studio to make more pieces. At the end of last year, I posted we had made some decisions to change a few things about how we run the daily business. The basic plan was more focused work, starting in the AM and cutting off before we're so tired we can't think. Making sure we leave plenty of time for recharging, dates, making whoopie and other fun hobbies.

The plan was to be up by 8 and to the studio by 9. The plan for today was to make 75 items, perhaps 100, pack some things deliver them to the post office and have some ware boards cut. I can report partial success.

I was up by 9 and to the studio by 11:30.
I made 71 pieces
The new ware boards are in use :) The old ones held two rows of Tankards, that's 40lbs of clay on a 10lb board and I always put them up on the top shelf (like in this picture) The new ones are on the bottom left. hold 1/2 as much, but are much easier to move around. I am pleased, and there are enough I won't run out of ware boards until after my  shelves are overflowing with pieces.

Tomorrow I'm going to aim for up by 8 and into the studio by 9 again. The pieces under the plastic are practically ready to trim now. If I hadn't covered them the rims would already be bone dry. Not bad for throwing them between 11:30 and 2PM.


  1. Well done!! And..thanks! Guess Jim will be seeing you soon?

  2. Jim said Saturday morning sometime. I'll have to remember he wakes up far too early too :)