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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Glaze and our progress

 Here's the top layer of our long awaited glaze kiln. It looks like everything turned out nicely. I think we've finally gotten the Temoku Gold glaze back under control. It was overfired and causing pits, but it looks like dropping some of the flux levels has made a big difference on how it turns out. It might even be slightly underfired..but only by a few degrees. The outside of the pots are turning out just right, but the insides are a little too golden when they should be more brown, but they are within the range. You can see this in the picture. The pots on the lower left side are showing a little too much gold. I might adjust it a little more.

After trimming all the cereal bowls, rice bowls and apple bakers this morning, I got started throwing more bowls to be made into soup mugs. The last ones sold so fast I had to make more! A good sign for the future.

Ro came down to the studio this afternoon and got started wedging for me. She went through most of the reclaim prepping clay for me to throw tankards. These cat litter buckets are full of wedged 2 lb balls of clay. I was hoping to get started on them after the soup mugs were thrown but I felt like I was just done for the day. So tomorrow my agenda is packed full of repetitive throwing of Tankards...maybe some large round mugs too since they are made from the same weight just to break up the routine a little and stay fresh.

I hope the rest of the kiln looks as good.We should have new pieces posted on Etsy by tomorrow evening. For's time for sleep..or at least winding down. Ro is already asleep.

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