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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fred and the Furnace. Fixed for Not $1000, not $500, not $300, but $112.50

Fred showed up this morning with a bucket, a pump and some scary pink acid. We were relieved to find the valves for the operation already in place, so Fred hooked it up and we waited.


He reversed the flow of the pump.


He reversed it again.


He says "It doesn't look good"

We waited.

Then there was gurgling, and pumping, and scary pink acid foam.

Now, a small $112.50 later, the hot water works again.But we need to get that water softener next week after we get back from the show.

It could last a while like this, but I think eventually we'll have to get that hot water heater in and take the furnace out, after all,who wants to buy fuel oil just to heat tap water.


  1. I think this might be the first story I've seen where someone paid WAY less for a furnace fix then what they thought it would be. That's awesome.. that means you only need to sell 1/10th of the pottery to pay the bill, right? ;)

  2. There is still $700 or so to pay for the new water softener. I think I never want to think about the need part. I want to sell everything, I like having to scramble to make more, if I am producing heavily, and I am, it means success even if I am not as ready as I could be for it.

  3. Fixed for $112.50? That sure is inexpensive! Doing some DIY fix can definitely save you a lot of money. But I would suggest that you get professional help to check your furnace and heater, as there might be some unseen problems in the system. A qualified professional can patch this up and give you a more permanent solution.

    Naoki Dieter

  4. @Becky: You really estimated it, huh? Nice! :D Well, it’s really easy on the pocket. I am sure that if repair and maintenance services were as reasonably priced as this one, we will not hesitate to get our equipment fixed. People tend to be uncertain when it comes to spending money on repairs, but, you have to remember that it will definitely get your things patched up. It’s worth the money. ;)

    Launce Newlove

  5. You are right, Launce. A lot of people tend to buy a replacement once their furnace has broken. But, what you might not be sure of is that it can still be fix by doing some repairs. You should try patching it up first. This may work, but if it doesn’t, that’s the only time you should get yourself a new one.

    Brooke Harris