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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Event Looms

 We're in the middle of the time most potters hate. The crunch before a show. We're leaving next week for NH and I almost feel like I have enough work for it. But not quite. Here's how today went.

Pack and mail the Etsy orders.

Home to start pulling handles

 Studio assistant Cristin arrives and starts wedging clay, 1.25lbs for butter keepers, then 1.5lbs for the round mugs.

I continue to pull handles until 3PM when I have to run into town for groceries and other errands.

I return home and start glazing

Dinner guest arrives and I stop glazing

Dinner! Homemade Manicotti! YAY RO!

I return to glazing, Ro cleans up the kitchen and comes to load glaze kiln

I finish glazing (kiln full, still more pots waiting) and move back to pulling handles.

Cristin has left 50lbs of clay out when she ran out of time so I have Ro wedge it into  5lb balls to make serving and  mixing bowls.

Tomorrow, there will be much throwing of pieces again and hopefully some kiln repair, since one kiln is still down.

Hopefully there will also be some studio cleanup since I seem to have utterly destroyed the place over the last week. I also hope that the number of pieces we need for the show is reached. We have 4 tables to fill. That's a lot of space.

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