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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scenic New Jersey?

Here we are in Toms River NJ, Thanksgiving morning. I love coming to NJ, mostly for the amazing food and baked goods, but the boardwalk is a blast and the beaches are fantastic..even at this time of year there is something about standing on a cold sandy beach that is cathartic. 

I think I've recovered from the drive, which was peaceful and beautiful right up until we got to Rt 206 and then the Parkway. Then of course the statewide roadrage became evident and people starting acting like asses.

I think the best driving advice I ever gave my son was “never drive like you're in a hurry” It's one thing to drive with purpose and energy, and another to get the crazed feeling that often goes with it that can make you think that your little mission to get someplace is any more important than your fellow traveler's. It is absolutely evident why NJ automobile insurance rates are the highest in the country.

All that aside, there is something that NJ residents should be angry about and it has nothing to do with driving or even the idiots that are on the Jersey Shore show. It has to do with the lack of pride the state shows in cleaning up it's storefront..

Everyone business owner knows that you must keep the storefront looking good. It should be uncluttered, neat and clean. It's the first step in attracting people to come in.

About 20 miles into the state on Rt 80 I saw a sign for “scenic overlook” so I say to Ro “Hey, lets check it out!”

We did and as we drove up the long steep driveway I thought hey this is going to be good. It was scenic for sure. It was good... sort of.

As you can see, there is some absolutely gorgeous stonework here.

and the place has been horribly vandalized and not cleaned up. This is such a shame.

Who is in charge of this? The overlook is supposed to be closed at night when this damage typically occurs. How much would it take to block this off from cars at night? 

You can leave stuff like this alone..after all what is it to you if you're only concerned with getting from place to place as fast as you can, before the other guy.

But if you want to present a nice storefront, and be proud of what the state calls a scenic overlook, write the Governor, write to your Senators and Congressmen. The government cares when the people care. Somebody ought to care...I'll bet if a local politician made a call to action there could even be volunteers found to do the cleanup.

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