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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Results: My Thanksgiving.

I'm so thankful for not only the national, but international audience Etsy and the internet has provided for me. It's such a pleasure to have my work in the hands of folks who love and appreciate it and in turn be able to honor my own financial obligations. It has been a long journey.

We knew the level of sales on Etsy would increase over the holidays so we stocked up. It's a good thing we did!
We gave a 10% discount to folks who ordered over the holiday weekend since we would not be in town to ship until Monday. The first things that sold were the seconds. Discounted discounts are pretty sweet. Then the regularly priced pieces started to sell, a few big pieces, a few multiple piece orders. Ro has been listing and relisting items we had multiples of. There will be new pieces in a few days too. Here's the pile of boxes for shipment. I had to make 2 trips since I ran out of tape before I finished packing. It filled 3 grocery carts going into the USPS counter at the Weis Markets. Pretty nice.

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