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Friday, October 22, 2010


We just got back from the Renaissance Faire, the booth is full and happy again. Tomorrow looks like a beautiful day so I hope there are thousands of Faire-goers who like what we brought.

I am very pleased with the display right now, we have a lot of the Oak and Acorn stuff which seems to be the overwhelming favorite right now. Here are a few shots of the booth after stocking. I tried to do a panorama shot or 3, but couldn't get it to line up right. It looked like some kind of space/time disturbance had settled into the booth. There are two of things there shouldn't be and everything is wavy.

Between these few shots you can see most of what we have out.

We also stopped to pick up a ton of 1/2 a ton instead, the rest will be in next week.

After I relax for a bit I'm going to head down to the studio and trim and handle some mugs, then possibly throw some pie bakers. I have all the clay wedged and ready to go.
Ro picked up some baby oak leaves to use in smaller spaces this week, so some of these pie bakers may end up with some decoration on the outside. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. My students are really enjoying the pictures of your works, but keep asking me why I don't have the same color glazes that you have! The booth looks great!