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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clean up and Changes

We made a few studio modifications today, they seemed to fit right in with all the other changes happening in our lives. There has been a lot of sorting and putting things away or throwing things away for us lately. Rowan has been the powerhouse behind this..of course :) I'm a body at rest, tending to remain at rest, but she prods me to action. So here are the accomplishments today.

- Haircut for me, which included an eyebrow trim that might have saved my marriage. When the eyebrows become to much like Cthulu, Ro points a finger at them and says "Divorce"

- Hanging more of the talented and lovely Eden Carnes work at Webster's on Aaron. This was all Rowan again..I was just the driver and hander up of frames.

- Dropping off more stuff at Goodwill. Ro has totally finished sorting the stuff from the storage unit that was piled up outside, the patio is clear again, now there is some more repacking and sorting to do inside and then I think we will have much of the house in order again. There are a couple of more major projects remaining..our bedroom is all full of laundry..clean but not yet put away.. between sheets, regular clothing and garb for the faires, we don't have nearly enough closet space, we've resorted to vacuum bag storage for the garb and are about to reclaim the small closets upstairs from the kids who hide dirty clothes in them and leave the doors open so cats crawl in and get the clean stuff all furry.It's no good...

-Unloading and cleaning the biscware, signing and waxing

- Trimming and handling of 18 round mugs

-Ro mixed 2 glazes and took inventory of the materials so I could place an order

- I placed an order for 2000 lbs of clay plus some small bags of oxides and glaze materials

in the middle of this she decides to tear apart the glaze area, clean the tables, empty the space, throw down water and shopvac it all back up. It sure looks nice! I kind of regret not wiping down the walls too, but I can get those soon. Of course by the time I took the After picture I had already slopped it up a bit, but it's still better, MUCH better.

-Ro cut new plywood lids for some of our rectangular glaze bins (see the picture!)

-we installed a wooden platform under my wheel to keep the trimmings up off the floor. I figure it would keep the animal hair out of the reclaim and be much easier to clean up. I also took the time to re-level the makes the pots come out better :)

- finally we got onto glazing and loading..just finished up at 10:30, 2 kilns firing. I think I may have made some unusual glaze combinations..we'll see. I hope they're nice.

Hell of a day..and now we're watching the conclusion of Ju-on, it's creepy!

Goodnight :)

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