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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camps to Production to Camping

Shameless Self- Promotion

New work on Etsy (click the pic to see the shop)

Camps to Production to Camping

It's been a busy week. I'm rushing like I said I wouldn't do this year to get ready for the biggest showing we do. It's still 3 weeks away, but I need a good base of work done now because there is some traveling to smaller shows over the next couple weeks that is going to take up production time. So between the making of new things and our volunteer duties and classes at The Creative Oasis Ro and I have been seeing very little of each other. She's been at the studio from 8-5:30ish and I've been dropping her off in the morning, then returning there from 12:30ish to 5:30ish. By the time we get home from the camps and have some dinner, it's hard to get started again. At the beginning of last week when Ro started the camps, she came home and quite literally passed out.This week, she's getting more into the swing...she came home, we took a few minutes to relax together then both headed to the second job of the day. She went and mowed with the tractor then posted the new work on Etsy while I went back to the basement and made more tankards till around 11 when I had a moment of insanity.

My feet were aching. AGAIN. I needed new shoes and I didn't seem to be able to get there during the day, so combining that need with the frantic needs of the cats who were swarming like bees every time we moved because they were out of food (no, not for long, but they seem to need to know it is there, or they get really upset. They just had some wet food, hours before) practically forced my decision to head to Wally World's midnight fluorescent Mart. I got new sneaks, some work shoes and a bag of Cat-Swarm food and a couple single servings of Skinny Cow ice cream. I love single serving cups of ice cream. Portion control.

I'm wearing the new sneaks now. They feel like little foot hugs. So much better. I'm about to return the work shoes. I can't cram my square feet into them.The it's off to the basement for more throwing and the beginning of the trimming and handles.

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