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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tanked up

After yesterday's marathon packing and shipping and driving pottery around session, I got up a little later than usual and packed and shipped some more. When I finally got into the studio time I had to get tanked. Tankards. 20 to start with, then some of the new taller ones with the swirly bottoms. (Did I really just say swirly bottoms?) and I did a few rice bowls because I noticed I was out. Not a bad evening. 35 pieces. Tomorrow I plan of covering these and throwing more. Some serving bowls and some pitchers and maybe some more goblets. and butter keepers. Saturday is going to be a day of trimming and handles and by Saturday night we should be ready to load another kiln or two. Celtic Fling at The PA Renaissance Faire is next weekend and I want to be sure I have a full table.

Also I wanted to say thank you to the folks who follow my production and read my blogs. I really appreciate your support. The Etsy shop has been busy and lately it has been busy with people who are following me on one or the other of the sites this blog cross-posts to. It starts on and then goes to Blogger and Livejournal and the Hughes Pottery Fan Page on Facebook.

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