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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long Day

It was a grueling day and night in the studio. The pots I have been waiting for all week were finally getting to be dry enough to trim and handle and of course it was finally time to glaze and load too. I tried to do both. I almost succeeded. There are still a few pots left to trim, but with Rowan's help, the glaze kiln is firing. It is loaded with special order pots we have been trying to get finished, or replacement pots for problems we had with earlier orders. Whew. I am confident things will be looking good and I can finally get some of them sent off. Ro and I both pride ourselves on fast turnaround..Our feedback on Etsy is full of "super fast shipping" It really wears on us to be behind, so I will be glad to see these off.

Tomorrow a little last minute cleaning before Ro's parents come for the kid's Graduation. Morgan decided not to walk, but Cath will be. We'll be having a BBQ in their honor Saturday afternoon, All our friends in the area are welcome to come by and congratulate the kids..of course they'll probably want to disappear from sight ASAP and hang with their friends, which will mean the adults that are left can be themselves and party down :)

Once we are sure the house is in order tomorrow I need to head back to the basement and finish trimming and handling the pieces left under the plastic. The bisc kiln Ro started to load will need to be finished and started, then perhaps start on the next round. We'll see. I might have to slack off a bit.

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