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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tankards, Handles and Bowls

As I sit here and 12:30AM contemplating what to write down in today's pottery blog I am finding it difficult to remember when the day started and what I accomplished. It's been a long day and this time I dragged Rowan into the middle of it. She's laying beside me in bed right now trying to read her latest Bitch Magazine, but I am guessing she will pass out before she gets too far.

She got up early this morning and washed all the biscware in hopes that we'd be able to glaze by tonight, but the weather outside is wet and our basement studio is almost always wet.It will have to wait for tomorrow.

I rolled out of bed about 9:30 and feeling guilty for sleeping in jumped right into packing all the orders and getting the customs paperwork ready for our Canadian order and our military base order. We got everything sent off and decided we'd treat ourselves to a little Olive Garden lunch. Soup, Salad and Bread sticks. Such a good deal, and not absolutely awful for you. Olive Garden Minestrone is actually quite tasty. After a nice lunch I jumped right into production. I trimmed tankard and added handles while Ro caught a snooze. She joined me later and added Oak Leaves and Acorns to 8 plates and 2 tankards. I mixed a glaze and put together a materials order. A quick break for another indulgence..a pizza from Brother's. I don't know what got into us today..2 meals out..we've been so good about cooking at home, but I think today we needed someone else to take care of us.
After dinner we got back to work. We finished up at midnight. I had made 6 big bowls and she had just finished the decoration. Quite a long day.

On the agenda for tomorrow; glaze pottery, unload and wash more biscware. Load a glaze kiln, load a bisc kiln and somewhere in there I want to wedge and throw 60 more round mugs. I think I will run out of day before I run out of agenda :)

BTW it's 15 minutes later now and She is still awake. Apparently it's a really good issue.

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  1. isn't it a pain sometimes trying to figure out what to blog about? sometimes it just flows, others you have to get out the plunger lol.

    can't imagine what it'd be like to have my husband work w/ me in my studio. i tried to get him to wedge one time (cut&slam) till i found little bits of clay everywhere. literally everywhere. seems he was making a game of seeing how far the clay could fly. so i happily go it alone. i imagine it's nice to have company and somebody to talk to who's eyes don't glaze over after a minute or two of clay talk lol. off to bed...