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Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking Back.

It's been a pretty good last few days. I'm pretty excited to be making some new pieces. I finished up trimming and handling mugs today. I loaded a bisc kiln and got it started and I placed an order for another 2000 lbs of clay which we will be picking up tomorrow.

I've been thinking about the pieces I made in school and the pieces I've developed over the last 17 years since I left school. I became a tightwad. Not in all things, but in particular with bowls.When clay is plentiful, it's easy to leave a lot of clay to trim off for a tall foot, or to leave a decent amount of clay for a thick yummy rim that presents the food like a frame around a picture. I think I lost a certain generosity of form in a quest for frugality. So today with the last of my clay, I decided to try to fatten my rims and leave enough clay for a taller foot. I think it will make a big difference in the final presentation of the piece.

I also made a wide rimmed plate so Ro can work some of her henna styled magic on the rim. I have a feeling it's going to look really amazing.

So after the clay order comes in I have to make a huge number of mugs. I'm actually looking forward to it. I feel like the last batch I made (pictured) just turned out extra good. I also want to start stocking up for the summer shows. If I can get a stockpile of pieces by June I'll be a happier man in August.

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