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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easy, Easy, Gentle

I eased back into throwing yesterday with some soft porcelain bowls. I got back to throwing in a more serious way today. First I trimmed the wee bowls and cereal bowls I did yesterday, then I got into wedging for plates and a crock that are a special order. I was hesitant to wedge and throw 6lbs of clay at a time, but with ice and Aleve it worked out just fine. Here's what I did. Not bad for a guy who had shooting pain just days before :) Hopefully tomorrow will be even more productive. What's this? It's a holiday? Not for this guy..The wife is off celebrating with her family without me, so I'm going to make it a workday so I don't sit around and waste the day away.Take away the normal structure of a day and it's hard to maintain discipline :)

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