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Friday, March 5, 2010

Next to last day of wetwork

I spent today making all those last minute pieces I should have made weeks ago but just realized I needed more of. And I finished up the trimming on a bunch of plates. Ro started loading the kiln today, tomorrow we'll finish.
Today's work:some small round mugs which will all get oak leaves and acorns.
In the back some slightly larger ones.
and in the way back some "cannon" mugs. I haven't made these for a while but I started making them back in 2006 when the starting cannon at The Bay Area Renaissance Faire exploded and I got hit with a chunk of it. It knocked me over but fortunately I got hit with the rounded bit, not the sharp bit.

These bowls are slated to get decorated with Oak Leaves and Acorns too. In the background you can see some rice bowls with chopstick rests. I've already cut the notches and turned them over so the bottoms can dry before I trim them.

and here are two sugar jars with notched lids for spoons. I plan on throwing more of these in the morning. By the time I trim and handle and decorate all the rest they'll be ready to trim and handle too.

And here is the massive platter, I've finally uncovered it to let it dry the rest of the way. The guy who ordered it has been waiting for months for was the most challenging project I've done in years. This is the fourth one..I think it'll make it. Believe me when I say it will be well earned income.

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