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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Long day here in the Hughes-Rose household. We've been working our tails off all day. I was mostly downstairs in the studio and Ro was mostly upstairs, though she also came down to load the glaze kiln late this evening.

I work hard, but this wonderful woman I married is tougher and has far more stamina than I do. She works all day long, she starts in the morning WITHOUT COFFEE and continues to work all day until late at night. She shames me.

She spent the day making our bedroom a beautiful place again, it was getting so cluttered with clean laundry not put away. Not too bad on the dirty stuff, but baskets of clean. Don't know how that works. She also made bread, dinner and somewhere in the middle of all that found the time to take nice pictures of her tiles and post them.

All I did was make a giant platter, a square plate, trim the tankards (no handles yet) and glaze a kiln load of biscware.

I had so much fun with the giant platter I also did a square plate, which I might actually make more of, it's pretty cool.

So tomorrow is going to be a day of pulling handles on tankards and then I think I'll make some things that don't require handles. Maybe some rice bowls, some tumblers, perhaps more goblets. While I am proud of my handles, pleased with the way they look, I get tired of pulling so many handles. I actually know two potters who gave up mugs so they wouldn't have to pull handles anymore.

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