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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow day, studio day

Ahh today was really pleasant. Ro and I woke up early to the automated call from the school district telling us the kids had off from school. It was somewhere around 6AM and we decided to stay up and for whatever reason it was unusually easy to do that. So we had an early breakfast, I made coffee and screwed around on the internet and I was still working by 9, which is when I tend to wake up. So strange.

So I trimmed bowls and butter keepers and goblets this morning then Ro and I unloaded the glaze kiln together. I was very pleased. After unloading the kiln we packed up the Etsy orders and Ro went to take more pictures. I would have sent them today but we're dealing with a medium case of Snowmageddon so I didn't really want to venture out. I am very pleased with Etsy, as a sales site it is working out very well. Better than I anticipated last year when we started it. I think it's working out because of several factors.

We have been posting new work every couple days, that makes the Etsy search engines notice you more. I have been doing some outside advertising via Facebook Ads, and I also have people out in the world handing out business cards to every customer we have who can then find me on the web and order more. I also have some great friends on Facebook who "like" my things which leads to all of their friends seeing it and liking it too, soon it's viral :) and then it gets seen by more people that I can count. Google Analytics says the Etsy site traffic is up 1700% That's pretty cool :)

I just signed up for a $100 free trial with Google advertising too, so maybe that will pay off. It would be nice to have steady web business all year.

So tomorrow is the Homeschool Association class then I plan on coming home and busting out a bunch of round mugs and maybe some large bowls. I'm feeling bowlish right now though it could turn to pitchers at anytime :) I might get some done in the morning too, depends on how early I get up and functional.

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