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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Day

No, just kidding! We don't have those. Morgan and I headed out to local clay artist Monika Modest's house this morning to pick up a load of clay she is donating to The Creative Oasis. She's packing up and heading to California so we get all her leftover clay samples. It was a pretty big load, around 1000 lbs, so that should help keep the students happy this semester.

After taking care of that we came home and Ro and I went to work in our studio glazing and loading another kiln. About the time we were finishing with that, the kiln that gave us so much trouble finished firing off without any problems. YAY!

I'm taking a facebook break and waiting for pizza cook Morgan to tell us dinner is ready. It''s really nice having a pizza cook in the house, we're getting the good stuff these days! After dinner I plan on heading back downstairs and trimming and handling a few soup mugs I threw yesterday, then start throwing again, some sugar and honey jars and then some travel mugs. No rest yet, there are pots to make!

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