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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A better day

Today went better than yesterday, no major crashes for me and I got a lot done. I've been watching Netflix streaming while making pottery, which often means I hear more than I see, but for the most part it works out pretty well. I just finished Season 1 of Farscape, which I missed somehow when it was being produced. As a dedicated scifi geek I should have been on top of it, but I am very glad to have found it now, it's been very entertaining. I wonder how they got away with 22 episodes in season 1. Most seasons now consist of 13 or 14 episodes.

So on to the important part of my daily life :) The pottery! Today Ro trimmed her remaining 50 wee bowls and while she was doing that (and long after) I trimmed the tankards and soup mugs from yesterday and threw 20 round mugs and 11 tumblers. After a dinner break she started totaling inventory and cleaning up the living room from our mad packing of pottery and I went back to the studio and pulled handles on the soup mugs and tankards. I feel pretty good about what got done today. I have the round mugs under plastic to trim in the morning, the tumblers are uncovered and drying.

Tomorrow will start with trimming and then I think I'll break out the porcelain and make some oil candles. I am pleased to be 1/2 way to fully stocked for our next event at the end of the month.

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