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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea Pot Madness

Long day today, I started out by disassembling and diagnosing problems with the kiln at the Oasis. It appears to need two new elements. I was having an awkward time with some of the connectors so as usual Ro came to my rescue and did the fiddly things my fingers just can't grasp. She saved an hour of work :) YAY Ro!

After returning home, I put together a few teapots. I like doing them because they're some of the only things I make that I still allow to evolve in process. Everything else is very preplanned, so it's a bit of fun to see what I am going to end up with. One of them ended up as not a Teapot at all, At first I had plans to make it a big garlic jar, but then it ended up as more of a luminary, Either way it was fun and became a bright spot in my evening. I still have a whole board of Tankards to finish, but I did get four of them done.

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