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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Potter on the mend.

I feel better!

2 days ago I had my first chiropractic adjustment since June. Today I had another one. It's simply amazing how much better I function after these adjustments.A lot of the numbness, tingling and minor back spasms I get on a regular basis simply disappear and I also seem to get a burst of energy immediately following the neck adjustment. I love it. I'm so sorry I left it slip from my schedule for months.

In addition to the chiropractic my second day of dog walking in the dead of night went well. I went on a two mile hike through the neighborhood this time and Morgan came with me which was very nice. He's so fit that he had to try to keep the pace down so he wouldn't make my heart explode. We also had to take a few breathers on the way up some of the hills. Overall I am pleased. I think tonight I may take a shorter one because I don't feel like my legs have recovered from day one yet, but we'll see. For the second day in a row I have awakened feeling less stiff and sore than I have in months. I hope the trend continues!

In the pottery, I had my first day of regular help from my old friend and 2 time coworker Bill.

Bill is an interesting guy, he's curious , hardworking and he loves to BS over coffee. Bill and I come from two different places. I'm a flaming spiritual but not religious liberal, he's a cautious, steadfast, but compassionate social conservative with strong Christian roots.He has strong viewpoints that often come from a place that is the polar opposite that my own. We somehow manage to discuss and converse about the most delicate of subjects. We've done this for over 20 years. Bill is a hardware tech guy, more comfortable with building computers than using them, but he is also a 2nd generation security guy and of all things a locksmith. He does a lot of stuff. I had the great pleasure of taking him back to a place where he had to start learning something all over again. Wedging. He also helped me wax, glaze and load today. Once he gets into the swing of things I think he'll do great.

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